Step 1: Create the projection batch

  1. Before creating a cost projection, you must have cost projections set up on the job. For more information, see PM Projection Codes.
  2. Open the PM Cost Projections form.
  3. Open the PM Cost Projection Options form (File > Projection Options) and configure the cost projection options. By default this form will display if the Show this window on form open box is checked on that form.
  4. Enter a Projection Date and Project. The projection date determines what month the projections are posted to.
  5. Select how you want the projections to populate in the form and then click Initialize.
    Note: If you are using the Projection Detail tab to build cost projections, the Initialize Worksheet Detail Option allows you to initialize existing projection detail into the current projection. You will only see this option if you have checked the Activate Projection Detail Feature box in JC Company Parameters, Projections tab.
  6. All of the projection codes that have been set up on the selected job will populate in the Grid tab. The phases and cost types that have been grouped onto those projection codes will populate on the Phase / Cost Types tab.
    Note: There are several options on the PM Cost Projection Options form that limit the projection codes, and phases/cost types that populate on the form. If a projection code, phase, or cost type is missing, review the settings on the PM Cost Projection Option form (File menu)

    For example if the Show Linked Cost Types box is not checked (PM Cost Projection Options), linked cost types will not display on the Phase/ Cost Type tab of the PM Cost Projections form even if they have been associated with a projection code using the PM Projection Codes form. For more information, see About Using Linked Cost Types.

  7. Optional: Customize how the Grid tab on the PM Cost Projections form will display, for example change the column order and column width, add highlight colors, and change the column headings. For more information, see About the PM Projection Layouts Form.