Step 3: Review and post the projections

  1. Review the projection totals. The total projections display at the bottom of the Grid tab on the PM Cost Projections form.
  2. Click on the Submit Projection button at the bottom of the PM Cost Projections form.
  3. The JC Batch Process / PM Batch Process form will display.
  4. Click on the Validate button to validate the projections in the batch.
  5. Print or preview the generated audit reports.

    If the Attach Batch Reports to HQ Batch Control box is checked (JC Company Parameters> Info tab), the audit reports are automatically attached to the batch record created in the HQ Batch Control form.

  6. The Posting Date will default with the current date. You can change this date if it doesn't apply.
  7. Click the Post button when complete. The projections are now posted.