Modify Plugged Amount Distributions for a Projection Code

Enter plugged amounts on the projection codes using the Grid tab on the PM Cost Projections form. The plugged values are distributed to the phases/cost types based on how you configured the spread.

You can modify how the plugged amount is distributed

Once you enter a plugged amount on the projection code, you can also change how it is distributed, for example if you need to change how a variance is spread to the phase/cost types when the projections are being entered.

  1. Enter a plugged amount on the Grid tab of the PM Cost Projections form.
  2. Move the cursor into the field that you want to redistribute. For example if you entered a plugged value in the Projected Final Hours field, move the cursor into that field.
  3. Select Tasks > Adjust Projection in the toolbar at the top of the form. This will open the PM Adjust Cost Projection form.

Why does the "cannot be spread into phase/cost type" message display?

You can only select the Adjust Projection option when the cursor is in a field that can contain a plugged value. For example if the cursor is in the Remaining Unit Cost field when you select the Adjust Projection option, the error message will display since you cannot enter a plugged value in this field.

  1. The plugged amount displays in the Original Value field.
  2. Optional: If you need to change the plugged amount, change the Adjusted Value field.
  3. Change the value in the Spread Percent or Spread Value field to change the distribution.


If you make a change to the Spread Percent field, the Spread Value amount is increased but the value that displays in the Adjusted Value field is not recalculated. For example if you enter 200% in the Spread Percent field, 200% of the plugged amount will be distributed to the selected phase/cost type. The Adjusted Value field will not recalculate to reflect this change, but when you click Apply the system will use the total Spread Value as the new plugged value.

Defined at Projection

System will automatically recalculate the other fields

If you change a value in the Spread Percent or Spread Value field, the system will automatically recalculate the other fields.

Changing the Spread Percentage will not change the spread on the projection code

When using the Defined at Projection option, the changes to the Spread Percentage field only impact the current projection. The changes will not update the spread that was configured on the PM Projection Code form (PM Projection CodePhase/Cost Type tab Spread % field).

  1. Click Apply when complete to apply the new distribution. This will close the PM Adjust Cost Projection form.