Update Cost Projections for a Single Projection Code

You can update a single projection code to get the most current information, so that you can more accurately adjust components of a single projection.

  1. From the main menu, select Project Managment > Programs > PM Cost Projections.
  2. In the Projection Date field, enter the date of the projection batch or press F4 to select from a list of existing projection batches.
  3. In the Project field, enter the project to work with.
    Note: If you used the F4 Lookup to select a projection date in Step 1, this field automatically defaults the project.
  4. From the Grid tab, select the projection code to update.
  5. Click Calculate.
    The PM Update Projection Options screen displays.
  6. In the Write Over Plugged Values section, select how you want to update projection values. For information about each of the available options, see the F1 help.
  7. From the Initialized Worksheet Detail Option drop-down, select how to initialize detail projections.
  8. Click Update.
The system updates the cost information for the selected projection code based on the selected update options. If multiple phases/cost types are defined for the projection code, all phases/cost types are updated.
Note: The system does not allow updating a single phase/cost type for a projection code. Even if you select the phase/cost type on the Phases/Cost Types tab and click Calculate, the system updates all phases/cost types for the projection code.