Edit a Generated Project Document Using PM Document Edit Manager

You can edit a project document before you sent it to selected project contacts.

If you have multiple To contacts on an email, the system generates a unique document for each contact. You can edit the specific document that is sent to each contact. For example if you are generating an project issue document and there are three To contacts, there are three documents on the PM Document Edit Manager form.
  1. Open the applicable document form (for example, PM Request for Information).
  2. On the toolbar, select the Create & Send () icon.
    The PM Send Documents form opens.
  3. Open the Documents tab.
    The Documents tab contains all of the documents that you want to include in the email.
  4. If you wish to add more documents, click the Select Records () icon and add documents as applicable.
  5. Select the Edit check box next to each document that you want to edit. By default this box is selected if the Edit Document in Create and Send check box is selected on the specified template (PM Create & Send Templates, Info tab).
  6. Click the Edit Document(s) button at the bottom of the PM Send Documents form.
    The PM Document Edit Manager displays.
  7. If there are multiple "To" contacts on the email, select the check box next to each document you want to edit.
    If you have only one To contact, you can skip this step as the MS Word document opens automatically.
  8. Click Edit.
    The documents open in MS Word.
  9. Edit the document(s) in MS Word as needed. (For example, you can change the text that displays on the document.)
  10. Click Save.
    Important: When saving your changes, do not change where the document is saved.
  11. Close the MS Word document(s).
    Note: If there are multiple documents, the PM Document Edit Manager form automatically closes once you have edited all of the documents.
  12. Click the View Documents button on the PM Send Documents form to view the edited documents.
  13. Click the Send button when complete to send the email and edited project document(s).