About Import Template Parameters

For each import template, you must define the import parameters; that is, how the system handles raw data when it is imported into the work files from the text file.

The Import Parameters tab in PM Import Estimates Template is used to define the import parameters. Some parameters apply to all import templates; others are based on the import routine. Parameters include (but are not limited to):

  • Create Items (Schedule of Values) – Used for imports such as Timberline (where no item data is available) to identify how items will be created during the import process. Click here for more information about creating a schedule of values..

  • Standard Item Codes – Used for imports other than Timberline (where item data is available) to define how standard item codes will be used. Click here for more information about standard item codes..

  • Create Unique Phases – Determines whether unique phases will always be created, never created, only created when duplicate phases exist for a project, or only created for phases with subcontractor cost types. Click here for more information about creating unique phases..

  • Material Codes – Options are available that define whether to import all material codes, valid material codes, or no material codes, as well as whether to roll up material detail into one record when multiple records have matching material detail (i.e. material code, phase, cost type, UM, and unit price match).

  • Accumulate Phase Costs – Allows you to have the upload procedure accumulate the costs for each phase into contract items with zero amounts. During the import, contract items with amounts will use those amounts; contract items where the amount is 0.00 will be set equal to the sum of the associated phase costs. If multiple phases are assigned to a single contract item, costs for all phases will be pulled into the contract item.

  • Create Subcontract Records – Determines whether to automatically create subcontract records when imported cost types equal the subcontract cost types defined for the company in PM Company Parameters. If checked, a subcontract record will be created for cost type detail where the cost type equals one of the subcontract cost types in PM Company Parameters. If multiple records exist with the same unit of measure, the units and costs will be summed and the record created. However, records will only be created if the subcontract record does not already exist.

  • Use Phase UM and Units for Cost Types – Used for Timberline imports to allow cost types with no UM or Units to use the phase’s UM and Units.