About the PM Import Estimates Template Form

Use this form to set up and maintain import templates.

Templates define a set of specifications (such as cross-reference code) that enable the system to recognize, use, and convert data from third-party estimating software packages. You must set up your templates before any data can be imported.

You can open this form by clicking the Template Master button on the PM Import Estimates form.

At least one template must be set up for each estimating software package you will use to import data. These templates not only specify the import routines that will be used to import your data, but also allow you to define cross-references for phase codes, cost types, units of measure, material codes, and vendors, and set up other specifications to ensure the import process meets your specific needs.

Note: Because data configurations may differ for each estimating software package, you must use the import routines created by Viewpoint to ensure that the data stored by each template conforms to the data configurations for the estimating software package.

Additionally, because the code definitions used in the various estimating packages can differ, it is absolutely necessary that you select the correct template when creating the work file. Otherwise, the work file will be improperly formatted, and the final upload to PM cannot take place.

There are several tabs within this form, each providing options for tailoring your templates specifically to your company’s needs. Information about these tabs is included below.