About the PM Import Estimates Upload Form

This form can only be accessed by clicking the ‘Upload into PM’ button on the PM Import Menu, and is used to upload the data from the work file into Project Management.

When entering the project to which you are uploading the data, you can specify either an existing project or a new project. If you specify an existing project, the related project and contract fields (i.e. project description, liability template, state code, markup/discount rate, contract and description, department, customer, tax code, retainage percent and start month) are disabled, and the screen will display the following message:

WARNING: Detail on file, duplications will have costs accumulated.

If you specify a new project, these fields are enabled and you must enter the appropriate data. The project description will automatically default the description entered on the Info tab (in PM Edit Import Data form), but it can be overridden. The Lock Phases option allows you to specify whether to lock phases for the new project. If checked, the upload process will automatically set this option to Y (checked) in PM Projects, thereby restricting posting to only those phases set up for the project in PM Project Phases.

The contract automatically defaults to a number identical to the project number, and the contract description automatically defaults the same description entered for the project. Both of these defaults may be overridden. If you specify an existing contract (from JC Contracts) for the project, the contract description and department fields are disabled, and the following message is displayed:

WARNING: Contract items on file, duplications will be ignored.

  • Project/Contract Security - If you have implemented data level security at the job and/or contract level (in VA Data Security Setup), security group fields display in the Project Info and Contract Info sections, allowing you to designate the security group who will have access to information about the project and/or contract.
    Note: It is important to note that in addition to the security group specified for the project and/or contract, access to information about the project and/or contract will automatically be granted to the Default Security Group you specified in VA Data Security Setup.
  • IN Co/Location - If you will be uploading material detail, you can specify the default IN Co and Location to which stocked materials will be assigned. When uploading stocked materials, records will be flagged as type 'M' (Material Order) and assigned the specified IN Co# and Location. If a material is not stocked at the specified location, the IN Co# and Location will default as null, but the record will remain flagged as a material order.
  • Upload as a Pending Change Order - This option is used when the import data will be uploaded into PM as a change order. For more information, see About the PM Import Estimates Upload Form.
  • Assign Change Order Issue - This option allows you to specify whether an issue will automatically be created in PM when the change order is uploaded. If you assign the change order to an issue, you can have the upload create a new issue and assign the change order and all its items to the issue, or you can assign the change order/change order items to an existing PM issue. Once you have entered all the criteria, click the Upload button at the bottom of the form to begin the upload process. Once completed, you will receive a message giving you the option to purge the import data for the specified import ID. If you answer Yes, all import data will be purged from the work file for the specified import ID.
  • Cost Type Records - Read about the process used when uploading cost type records here.

PM Import Estimates Template

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