PM Other Sub Initialization Form

Use the PM Other Sub Initialization form to initialize subcontracts to documents for tracking purposes.

You can only access this form by selecting File > Initialize Subs in PM Other Documents.

Note: This program does not print subcontracts; it is only used as a means of tracking the progress of subcontracts that have already been printed using the appropriate program in PM.

When you initialize a subcontract, the subcontract number becomes the document number, the subcontract’s description becomes the document description, and the status is set to a beginning status. (The system assigns the first status code in PM Status IDs with a type of ‘Beginning’). Other information is entered manually, including to whom this information is to be distributed (Distributions tab).

Note: Since subcontract numbers can be up 30 characters long but the document number can only be 10 characters long, the document will be assigned the next available document number if the subcontract number is greater than 10 characters.

The Tracking information at the bottom of the PM Other Documents form can then be used to track the movement (e.g. Date Send, Date Received, Date Returned, etc.) of the subcontract.

Click the link below for more information about using this form.

Initialize Subcontracts to Other Documents