About the PM Request For Quote - 6.6 Form

Use this form to create and maintain RFQs for selected pending change orders. Quote requests are used to get an itemized breakdown of what it will take to complete the items on a change order, such as the labor, materials, equipment, and overhead costs.

Important: A new request for quote process was created in version 6.7.0. RFQs created using this form will not automatically display in the new form. Click here for information about the new RFQ process.

The PM Request For Quote - 6.6 form was used to create and maintain RFQs in releases prior to version 6.7.0. You can continue using this form, but it will be removed from the application in a future release.

The Distribution tab allows you to define who should receive an RFQ. You must have at least one firm/contact set up here in order to use the Create and Send feature. When a new communication is created using the Create and Send feature (), the contacts on this tab are automatically added to the communication.

Contact are added automatically when a project contact is included in a Create and Send communication or when the contact is set up as a distribution default. However, you can also manually add contacts to the Distribution grid. For more information, see Add Contacts to a Distribution List.

The History tab provides a record of all additions, changes, and deletions made to the RFQ. Each history record shows the action date/time, action type (add, change, delete), the field affected, the old and new values (where applicable), the user name of the person performing the action, and a description of the action. You can also view the history for RFQ’s in PM Document History.

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