About the PM Request For Information Form

Use this form to create and maintain RFIs, generate and send RFI documents, and receive and track the responses.

An RFI is generally used when you need specific information about a project or have questions for a project contact, for example:

  • Clarification of specifications
  • Recommendations on how to proceed when a problem is encountered
  • Clarification or explanation of plans or blueprints that may be unclear

You can create a copy of an RFI using the PM Copy RFI form (accessed by selecting Tasks > Copy Request For Information). The copy process copies all information on the selected RFI, including all responses to the original question; however, it does not copy attachments or documents generated using the Create and Send feature. For more information, see About the PM Copy RFI Form.

You can create other documents from an RFI (such as a transmittal, pending change order, or project issue) using the Create menu. By default some of the information entered on the RFI will populate on the new record to reduce data entry.


You can enter responses in two ways:

  • PM RFI Replies - Click the Enter Reply button to add a reply to the RFI, or double click on the Responses tab. This will open PM RFI Replies, which is used to enter replies and also allows you to generate an RFI document and email/fax a communication to a contact using the Create and Send feature. Click here for more information on PM RFI Replies.
  • Responses tab - If you prefer to enter information using a grid, you can also enter the reply directly into the Response tab on the PM Request For Information form.

Once a response is entered, it will display in the Response field on the Info tab of PM Request For Information.

The Responses field on the Info tab is Display Only, meaning that you cannot enter information into this field - responses are entered using either the Response tab or the PM RFI Replies form.

This field displays all of the responses to the original question in chronological order, starting with the most recent responses at the top. The responses are sorted using the Date field.

The Response tab displays the replies to the original question/request. To enter a new response, enter the response directly into the grid or double click in the grid to open PM RFI Replies. This is a data entry form that can be used to create replies or send emails to the contacts on the reply. Click here for more information about PM RFI Replies.

The replies entered using PM RFI Replies or the Response tab will also display in the Responses field on the Info tab.