About the PM Submittal Copy - 6.5 Form

Use this to copy submittals from one project to another.

Important: A new submittals process was created in version 6.6, and it does not include this form. For more information, see About the PM Submittal Package Form.

Access this form by selecting File > Submittal Copy - 6.5 from PM Submittals - 6.5.

Submittals are copied from the designated source project to the current project; therefore, you must have the destination project selected in PM Submittals - 6.5 before initiating the copy feature.

Use the Source Information - Restrictions section to enter the source project and submittal type, which the system uses to restrict the list of submittals available to copy. Once you specify the project, you can either specify a submittal type or leave blank to include all submittal types. Then specify whether to copy submittal items and/or revisions to the destination project. How you set these flags determines the default setting for all submittals initialized to the grid.

The Destination Information section is used to set defaults for the destination project. You must specify a responsible person for the copied submittals. If left blank, the Copy button will remain disabled. You also have the option to specify a default due date for copied submittals. If you do not specify a default due date, generated submittals will default a null due date.

The Generate Next Submittal Numbers check box determines how the submittals will be numbered in the destination project. If selected, the copy process assigns the next sequential submittal number for the project based on the numbering scheme specified in PM Projects (i.e. Project or Project/Type). If not selected, submittals are assigned the same number as the source submittals.

After you have entered the source and destination information, click Refresh to populate the grid. The grid will display all submittals meeting the specified criteria. Set the Copy Items and Copy Revisions check boxes appropriately for each submittal being copied. Then select the submittals by highlighting them in the grid—use the Shift key for consecutive selection or the Ctrl key for random selection. Click Copy to initiate the copy process. Detail copied includes:

  • Submittal Type
  • Submittal number (if not generating submittal numbers) and Revision
  • Description
  • Phase
  • Spec#
  • Item number and description
  • Send flag
  • Header and Item Notes

Once copied, submittals can be edited as necessary in PM Submittals - 6.5.

PM Submittals - 6.5