About the PM Submittal Init - 6.5 Form

Use this form to initialize submittals based on the entries in the PM Phase Submittals form.

You can open this form by selecting File > Submittal Initialize - 6.5.

Important: A new submittals process was created in version 6.6, and it does not include this form.

Phase submittals allow you to link together multiple items related to a phase of work. For example, if carpets are to be installed, there may be multiple phases required to complete the installation of the carpet. Each phase is set up in PM Phase Submittals and assigned the same Submittal document. Then, when you initialize submittals in this program, documents are generated for each of the phases that exist on the job.

When using the Initialization feature, you specify the submittal number you wish to start with, as well as the submittal type. Then indicate which phase to begin and end the initialization with, specify the date receipt of the submittal is required, and the date activity is scheduled to begin. You also have the option to initialize submittals for each unique phase on the project, or to initialize submittals for each phase using the valid part of phase code specified in JC Company Parameters. In other words, a submittal will be generated for each phase code for which the valid part of phase differs.

For example, if the valid part of phase code is 5 characters, the following phases would be assigned as follows:

03110-100-001 à Submittal #1

03110-100-002 à Submittal #1

03112-100-001 à Submittal #2

Note: Document numbers are assigned sequentially during initialization. If a number already exists, it is skipped and the next available sequential number is used.

PM Phase Submittals - 6.5