About the PM Submittal Package Form

Use this form to create and maintain submittal packages.

Once submittals are entered in the register using the PM Submittal Register form, you can bundle them in a submittal package using this form.

Note: Submittals created using the PM Submittals - 6.5 form do not display in this form. This form is part of the new submittals process, which does not interact with the PM Submittals - 6.5 form.

From this form you can do any of the following:

  • Open the submittal register - You can open the submittal register by selecting Tasks > Open Submittal Register.
  • Change the submittal package status - You can change the status of a submittal package using the Status field in the upper portion of the form. When you change the status, the system gives you the option of applying that status to all of the submittals on the package.
  • Close/Reopen a submittal package - You can close a submittal package by opening the package in the form and then selecting Tasks > Close Submittal Package. When you close a submittal package, you also close all of the submittals included in the package.

    You can also reopen a submittal package after it has been closed - for example if it was accidentally closed. To reopen the submittal package, open a submittal package and then select Tasks > Open Submittal Package.

  • Close/Reopen Submittals - You can close a submittal when you change it to a final status. For example if you change the Status field in the lower portion of the form to a final status, a message will display allowing you to close the submittal.

    To reopen a submittal after is has been closed, open the PM Submittal Register form, select the submittal, and then select Tasks > Open Submittal Item. This will reopen the submittal.

  • Assign a submittal to a new package - You can change the submittal package assignment for a submittal if needed; however, you must remove the submittal from its existing package before assigning it to a new one. For more informations, see Assign a Submittal to Different Package .

Click on the links below for information about using this form.

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