About the PM Submittals - 6.5 Form

Use this form to create and maintain submittals.

Important: A new submittals process was created in version 6.6, and submittals created using this form are not included in the new process.

There are two ways to create submittals:

The Info tab is used to set up the header information for the submittal (e.g. revision, description, specification number, submittal phase, responsible person, status, and related issue, if applicable). If you used the initialization feature, some of the information is set up for you automatically; otherwise, you will need to enter this information manually.

You can enter submittal numbers manually or using the auto-generate feature (implemented by entering N, New, or +). If you are using the auto-generate feature, numbers are generated sequentially based on all submittal documents for project or the project and submittal type (depending on the auto-generate option selected in PM Projects).

The Tracking Information section is used to specify the subcontractor or supplier submitting the item, the architect or engineer being sent the submittal, and the contacts for the subcontractor/supplier and architect/engineer. In addition, there are multiple date fields to track when the submittal is due back from the sub/supplier, when it was received, when it was sent to the architect/engineer, and so forth. You can also specify the number of copies sent and received for each set of dates.

The Submittal Items tab is used to set up submittal items. Each item added to the grid automatically defaults the tracking information (i.e. dates due/received from subs/suppliers and architects/engineers, copies sent/received, activity date, etc.) defined in the submittal header. Information can be modified as necessary. When adding revisions, any item on the previous revision with a status other than 'final' is automatically copied to the new revision, allowing you to track each item through to its completion. Tracking dates are not copied from revision to revision, since this information will typically change for each revision.

Typically, the general contractor sends a submittal to the sub/supplier, who then sends it to the architect/engineer for approval. Once approved, the architect/engineer sends the submittal back to the sub/supplier, who then sends the submittal and other required items back to the general contractor. Using this form, you can track the entire process from beginning to end, including revisions to the original submittal and any scheduled activity dates.

The History tab provides a record of all additions, changes, and deletions made to the submittal and its items. Each history record shows the action date/time, action type (add, change, delete), the field affected, the old and new values (where applicable), the user name of the person performing the action, and a description of the action. You can also view the history for submittals/items in PM Document History (see Related Topics below).

The Distributions tab is used to specify to whom the submittal is to be distributed. You must have at least one firm/contact set up here in order to use the Create and Send feature.

Note: The system automatically adds the sub/supplier and architect/engineer firms/contacts specified in the header to the distribution grid. You can delete these contacts from the grid if applicable.