Add submittals to a submittal package

Add submittals to a submittal package.

Follow the steps below to add submittals that have been entered using the About the PM Submittal Register Form form to a submittal package - for example if you want to add some submittals that have already been entered on a register to an existing submittal package.

  1. Open the About the PM Submittal Package Form form.
  2. Use the Project, Package, and Revision fields in the upper portion of the form to select a submittal package and revision. You can also use this form to create a new submittal package.
  3. Click the Add Submittals button in the lower portion of the form. This will open the PM Submittal Package Add Items form, which displays a list of submittals.
    Note: Only submittal revisions that have not already been assigned to a package revision will display in the form.
  4. Use the Keyword field and Show current revision only box to filter the submittals that display in the form.
    Note: Only the most current revision in the submittal register will display when the Show current revision only box is checked.
  5. Check the box next to each submittal that you would like to add to the submittal package. You can also use the Select All and Deselect All buttons at the bottom of the form.
  6. Click the Add Items button when complete to add the selected submittals to the package.
  7. Repeat the steps above to add more submittals to the package or click Close to exit the form.