Create a New Submittal Revision

Use the Create Revision button on the PM Submittal Register form to create a new submittal revision.

For example if you sent a submittal but it was not approved, and now you have to create a new revision. This will copy all of the information on an existing submittal to a new submittal revision, including any attachments. Once the new revision has been created, you can modify it.

When you create the new revision, you can also:

  • Remove the current revision from the package that it is associated with. For example, if you want to create a new revision and move the submittal to a different package.

  • Add the new revision to a new package or package revision

  • Close the revision that is being copied

    Note: You can only use the Create Revision button on submittals that have a submittal number using the Submittal Number field.

    Follow the steps below to create a new revision of an existing submittal.

  1. Open the PM Submittal Register form.
  2. Select a submittal in the form.
  3. Click the Create Revision button. This will open the PM Submittal Create Revision form.
  4. Use the Submittal to Copy section to verify that the submittal being copied is correct.
  5. Use the Status field in the Submittal To Copy section to update the status of the submittal being copied. Changes to this field will update the submittal that is being copied.
  6. Check the Clear package information from source submittal record box to delete the package and package revision off the submittal that is being copied. You can copy this package and package revision to the new revision, or you can copy it to a new package and revision.
    Note: If you do not check this box, the copied submittal will still be associated with the submittal package.
  7. Check the Close source submittal box if the submittal revision that is being copied should be closed.

    Click here for an overview on statuses, and closing/opening submittals and submittal packages.

  8. The Submittal Revision field will default to the next available number. Accept the default or enter a new revision number.
  9. Enter the status of the new submittal in the Status field or press F4 to select it from a list. This field will default with the status of the revision being copied.
  10. Use the Package and Package Revision fields to enter the package that the submittal revision is associated with or press F4 to select it from a list. If there is a package and package revision associated with the revision that is being copied, it will populate in this field.
    Note: Submittal packages are created and maintained using the PM Submittal Package form.
  11. Click OK to create the new revision.

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