Set up a Submittal Schedule

You can set up a submittal schedule so that the due dates automatically populate on submittals when they are created using the PM Submittal Register form, or the lower portion of the PM Submittal Package form.

The following details how to set up a submittal schedule.
  1. Set up a schedule at the company level using PM Company Parameters. More
  2. Change the default schedule at the project level. When a new project is created, the submittal schedule set up at the company level will default on the project. You can either use the default schedule, or customize the schedule on the project. More
  3. Select the Auto Calculate Submittal Due Dates check box on the project. The system only populates the schedule on submittals when this box is checked. More
  4. Enter an activity date and the schedule will populate on the new submittal. When you create a submittal and enter a date in the Activity Date field on the PM Submittal Register form, the 'due to' date fields will populate based on the schedule set up on the project. This also applies to submittals created using the About the PM Submittal Package Form form.
  5. Update the schedule on the submittal. The system will recalculate all subsequent due dates when you change the dates in any of the following fields: Due to Responsible Firm, Due From Responsible Firm, Due to Approving Firm.