About the PM Transmittal Add Form

Use this form to add transmittals based on existing PM document records.

You can open this form by selecting:

  • File > Create Transmittal in PM Inspection Logs, PM Other Documents, PM Submittals - 6.5, and PM Test Logs
  • Tasks> Create Transmittal in PM Pending Change Orders and PM Request For Information

Once you add a transmittal using this form, you can use the PM Transmittals form to edit the transmittal, add or update the Documents and Distribution lists, or send the transmittal to selected contacts via the Create and Send feature.

Note: To create transmittals for other PM documents (such as Punch Lists, Purchase Orders, Daily Logs, etc.), you must enter them manually in PM Transmittals.

For instructions on adding transmittals using PM Transmittal Add, see Add a Transmittal Based on a PM Document.