About the PM Transmittals Form

Use this form to create and maintain transmittals.

A transmittal is a cover page that is included in a communication along with a group documents, for example RFIs, change orders, shop drawings, and blueprints. There are several ways to create a transmittal:

  • Automatically using Create and Send - When using the Create and Send feature to generate project documents and send them to project contacts, you can automatically create a transmittal.
  • Based on an existing PM document - You can use the PM Transmittal Add form to add a transmittal based on an existing document, such as an RFI, inspection log, or other documents.
  • Manual Entry - You can manually enter transmittals using the PM Transmittals form.

The Documents tab displays each of the documents that are attached to the transmittal. If you added a transmittal via PM Transmittal Add, the document for which you added the transmittal is listed in the grid. For manually entered transmittals, you must specify the documents you want attached.

Information shown on this tab includes the type of document, the document number, revision number, description of the document, the number of copies of the document that were sent, and the status of the document. In addition, you can use the 'Remarks' section to enter any pertinent information about the document. Remarks will print on the Letter of Transmittal.

Note: Documents can be entered without a document type and/or document number if necessary, allowing you to set up transmittals 'on the fly'.

Use the Distribution tab to specify to whom the transmittal document is to be distributed. You must have at least one firm/contact set up here in order to use the Create and Send feature. Contacts set up as distribution defaults are set up on this tab automatically; however, you can also manually add contacts as needed. For more information about adding distribution contacts or about distribution defaults, see Related Information below.

The History tab provides a record of all additions changes, and deletions made to the specified transmittal document. Each history record shows the action date/time, action type (add, change, delete), the field affected, the old and new values (where applicable), the user name of the person performing the action, and a description of the action. You can also view the history for transmittal documents in PM Document History (see Related Topics below).