Add a Transmittal Based on a PM Document

You can add a transmittal based on the information in an existing PM document (for example, an RFI) using the PM Transmittal Add form.

You can only add transmittals based on document records in the following forms:
  • PM Inspection Logs

  • PM Other Documents

  • PM Submittals - 6.5

  • PM Test Logs

  • PM Pending Change Orders

  • PM Request for Information

Note: To create transmittals for other document types, use PM Transmittals.
The following describes how to add a transmittal based on an existing document record, using RFI as the example.
  1. From the main menu, select the form from which to add the transmittal.
    For our example, open the PM Request for Information form.
  2. In the related form, select the project associated with your document.
  3. Select the document you want to use to create the transmittal.
    For our example, you would enter the RFI Type and RFI.
  4. Open PM Transmittal Add using one of the following methods:
    Accessed fromAccess Method
    PM Inspection Logs

    PM Other Documents

    PM Submittals - 6.5

    PM Test Logs

    File > Create Transmittal
    PM Pending Change Orders

    PM Request for Information

    Tasks > Create Transmittal
    The PM Transmittal Add form displays. The Source Info section displays information about the document being used to create the transmittal.
  5. In the Transmittal field, enter an existing transmittal number or enter + to create a new transmittal.
    Note: If you select an existing transmittal, the system adds the originating document (in this example the RFI) to the Documents tab of the PM Transmittals form. Most of the fields on the PM Transmittal Add form will be disabled since this information has already been set up on the transmittal
  6. In the Subject text box, enter notes describing the subject of the transmittal.
  7. Complete the Transmittal Date, Date Sent, and Required Return fields as applicable.
  8. In the Responsible Person field, enter the person responsible for the transmittal or press F4 to select from a list of firm contacts.
  9. If you want to copy the document's attachments to the transmittal, select the Copy document attachments to transmittal check box.
  10. Click Update.
A message displays indicating the transmittal was successfully added (or updated if you selected an existing transmittal), and asking if you want to run the transmittal form. Select Yes to open the PM Transmittals form or No to exit the PM Transmittal form and return to your source form.
If applicable, use PM Transmittals to add or update Documents or Distribution lists, or to send the transmittal to contacts on the Distribution list (via the Create and Send feature).