Copy a Punch List

You can copy a an existing punch list and its items/lines to a new punch list by selecting the PM Punch Lists form's File > Punch List Copy option, when focus is on the punch list header only.

  1. From the PM Punch Lists form, select File > Punch List Copy.
    The PM Punch List Copy form appears.
  2. To initiate the copy, specify the punch list to copy (must be a valid punch list for the current project).
    Note: All of the items defined for the source punch list are displayed in the Punch List Items grid below.
  3. Enter the new punch list and use the grid to select the punch list items to copy.
    Note: You can select items individually, using the Shift key to select items consecutively or the Ctrl key to select items randomly. If you want only ‘unfinished’ items (those not assigned a Finished Date) to be copied, check the Unfinished Items Only option. All ‘finished’ items are cleared from the grid.
    Note: The Renumber Items option allows you to renumber copied items on the new punch list. When checked, the ‘start renumbering’ and ‘increment by’ options are enabled, allowing you to define how the items will be renumbered on the new punch list.
  4. Once you have entered the item parameters, click the Copy button.