Create a Punch List

You can create and maintain project punch lists by using the PM Punch List form.

Punch lists are used to identify last minute items and tasks necessary for closing out the job, for example repairing nicks in walls, touching up paint jobs, cleaning windows, and removing debris.
  1. From the PM Punch Lists form, click the New Record () icon.
    The Project and Punch List fields will automatically populate with default information.
  2. Use the upper portion of the form to enter general information about the punch list.
  3. Use the Items tab to enter the list of items that need to be performed, for example touching up the paint.
  4. Use the Lines tab in the lower portion of the form to enter detailed information about a specific punch list item. For example use this tab when there is more than one firm responsible for the completion of a punch list item, or when there are multiple locations affected by the item.
  5. Click Save when complete.