Initialize Drawing Revisions

You can add a single revision to a drawing log by creating a new item in the lower portion of the PM Drawing Logs form.

  1. Open a drawing log in the PM Drawing Logs form.
  2. Select File > Initialize Revisions. This will open the PM Drawing Revision Initialize form.
  3. Enter a revision number in the Revision field, or enter a '+' if you would like the system to automatically assign the revision the next available number. The revision number must be unique - it cannot already exist on the project.
  4. Press F4 in the Statusfield to select the status of the drawing log revision.
  5. Enter the revision information into any of the remaining fields in the upper portion of the form.
  6. Select the drawing logs that you want to add the revision to from the list that displays in the lower portion of the form.
    • Select a range of drawing logs - Hold down SHIFT and click on the first and last drawing log that you would like to include in the range. When clicking on a drawing log, click on the column of buttons in the far left of the grid.
    • Select several drawing logs- Hold down CTRL and click on each drawing log that you would like to include.
  7. Click the Initialize button. This will add the revision to the selected drawing logs.