PM Copy Daily Log Form

This form is accessed by selecting the Daily Log Copy option from the File menu of PM Daily Logs and is used to copy an existing Daily Log into a new log.

The Source Daily Log section provides display-only information about the log you are copying from. This will always be the currently selected project, date, and log.

The Destination Daily Log section is used to enter information about the log to which you are copying the information. The destination project will always be the same as the source project. You need only enter the new daily log date and log number.

The Copy Logs section is used to indicate the information you want copied from the source log (employees, crews, subcontractors, equipment, activities, header notes, header user memos, detail notes, and/or detail user memos).

Once you have specified the copy criteria, click the Copy button to initiate the copy process. The system will copy all header detail (weather, wind, and temperatures) to the new log, as well as any header/detail information you indicated. You will note that accidents, conversations, deliveries, and visitors cannot be copied, as this information is typically specific to each day on the project.

Once the copy process is complete, you are returned to PM Daily Logs, with focus on the new log. You can then make any modifications necessary.

PM Daily Logs Form