PM Punch List

Use the PM Punch List form to create and maintain project punch lists. Punch lists are used to identify last minute items and tasks necessary for closing out the job, for example repairing nicks in walls, touching up paint jobs, cleaning windows, and removing debris.

Using a unique identifying number, you can create more than one punch list for a single project, and even multiple punch lists for the same date. The number can have up to 10 characters. For example, if you need multiple punch lists for Project 1000 on 12/1/2012, you might assign a number format with date and sequence: 120112.1, 120112.2, 120112.3.

The History tab provides a record of all additions, changes, and deletions made to the punch list from its inception to its completion. Each history record shows the action date/time, action type (add, change, delete), the field affected, the old and new values (where applicable), the user name of the person performing the action, and a description of the action. You can also view the history for punch lists in PM Document History.