PM Test Logs

Use the PM Test Logs form to create and maintain test logs, and then use the Create and Send feature to generate a test log document and send it to a list of project contacts.

Test logs are categorized by test type and a unique code. The test types (concrete cylinder compression, etc.) are set up by an admin using the PM Document Types form.

For each test log, specify the test type, log and description, the location and date of the test, firm performing the test, and contact. You can also specify the person performing the test and the status, and enter notes.

Tip: The PM Inspection Logs form and PM Test Logs form are almost identical.
The History tab provides a record of all additions, changes, and deletions made to the test log from its inception to its completion. Each history record shows the action date/time, action type (add, change, delete), the field affected, the old and new values (where applicable), the user name of the person performing the action, and a description of the action. You can also view the history for test logs in PM Document History.