Copy Meetings from One Project to Another

You can use the PM Copy Meeting form to copy meetings from one project to another by going to the PM Meeting Minutes form and selecting File > Meeting Copy.

Some of the meetings details will not be copied - for example, the meeting time, next meeting date/time/location, and other information that is probably specific to the meeting that is being copied.
Note: If you copy a meeting minute to a project, but a meeting minute with the same meeting type, meeting, and minute type already exists in that project, the system will not copy the meeting minute to the new project.
  1. Open a project in the PM Meeting Minutes form. (This is the project that the meeting minutes will be copied to.)
  2. Select File > Meeting Copy from the menu at the top of the form. (This will open the PM Copy Meeting form.)
  3. Enter the project with the meetings that you would like to copy in the Project field, or press F4 to select a project from a list.
    Once a project is selected, all of the meetings associated with that project will display in the lower portion of the form.
  4. Check the Copy Item Detail box if the item detail on the meetings should be copied. This is the information entered using the Lines tab in the lower portion of the form.
  5. Check the Copy Attendees box if the meeting attendees should be copied.
  6. Verify that the project in the Destination Info section is the project that you would like to copy the meetings to.
  7. Press F4 in the Preparer field and select the user that should be the preparer of the copied meetings. The list will display the contacts associated with the company set up as 'our firm' in the PM Company Parameters form (Info tab > Our Firm field).
  8. Select the meeting minutes that you would like to copy in the lower portion of the form. Click on a button to the far left of the grid to select a meeting.
    • Select a range of meetings - Hold down SHIFT and click on the first and last meeting in the range.
    • Select specific meetings - Hold down CTRL and click on each meeting that you would like to copy.
  9. Click the Copy button to copy the selected meetings to the selected project.
Once the meetings have been copied, you can make changes to them using the PM Meeting Minutes