About PO/MO/Quote/Requisition Numbers

Project Management allows you to enter materials for a project using purchase orders, material orders, quotes, and requisitions. This topic discusses both manual and automatic numbering for these items.

You can enter purchase order, material order, and quote numbers manually or via initialization. The initialization process generates PO and MO numbers based on the numbering options defined in PM Company Parameters (Material Parameters tab).

For both material orders and purchase orders, additional company options determine whether material detail will be initialized to approved/not interfaced material order and purchase orders, or to open purchase orders (purchase order material detail lines only). For more information about these options, see About the Add Items to Approved MOs/POs Options.

For quotes, numbers are generated based on the Last Used Quote # field in MS Company Parameters; however initialization is only possible if you have checked the Auto-Generate Quote #'s box. Requisition numbers must be initialized; no manual assignment is allowed. However, you will need to check the Send flag before initialization can occur. In addition, once initialized, the material line will be moved to the Interfaced tab and cannot be edited, since initialization automatically updates the requisition to PO. Any necessary changes must be made via the PO module. If you delete a requisition in PO and its status is not set to ‘5’ (Complete), the requisition number will be cleared from the material line and the material line will be redisplayed on the Non-Interfaced tab. (Note: The status of a requisition is shown in the Req Line Status column on the Interfaced grid.)

Initializing PO/MO/Quotes/Requisitions

Initialization allows you to have the system automatically assign purchase order, material order, quote, and requisition numbers to the material detail.

When initializing PO and MO numbers, the system uses the formats specified in PM Company Parameters .

  • Purchase Orders – If the Project/Vendor option is used for number assignment, only one purchase order can be assigned per vendor. If more than one material is assigned to a vendor, each material will be set up as a sequentially numbered item on one purchase order. If the Project/Seq or Auto-Number option is used for number assignment, the header status is considered during initialization to determine whether to generate a new PO. If a PO already exists for a vendor and it has not yet been interfaced (i.e. it is pending), initializing new materials with the same vendor will create new items on the existing PO. If the PO's status is ‘open’ (interfaced or created in PO Entry), a new PO will be created for that vendor, and all materials assigned to that vendor will become items on the new purchase order.

    Note: PO items can be created across multiple projects (where vendor is the same and the PO Number Type is Project/Vendor or Project/Seq), depending on how you have set the Significant PO Job Characters field in PM Company Parameters. The larger the value, the less chance that multiple projects will share the same purchase order.
  • Material Orders – Material order assignment is based on the Group Materials by Location When Initializing checkbox in PM Company Parameters. If checked, materials will be grouped by location and a separate material order created for each location. Materials assigned the same location will be set up as sequentially numbered items on the material order, regardless of the format specified. If unchecked, materials will be added as items on a single material order, regardless of location.

  • Quote Numbers – When initializing Quote numbers, the system assigns the next available sequential number based on the Last Used Quote # field in MS Company Parameters. However, initialization is only possible if you have checked the Auto-Generate Quote #'s box. Only one quote can exist for a job (project); therefore, when using the initialize feature, the system will generate one quote number and assign that quote number to all quote lines for the project. Once the quote number has been generated, all additional quote lines added will automatically be assigned that same quote number.

  • Requisition Numbers – Requisition numbers must be initialized—they cannot be assigned manually. When initialized, the system will assign requisition numbers based on the Automatically Generate RQ # checkbox in PO Company Parameters. If checked, the Last Used RQ # field (PO Company Parameters, Requisition Info tab) will determine the next sequential number assigned. If not checked, the system will assign a number using the highest requisition number and adding one.

Note: In order for requisition numbers to be initialized, you must check the Send flag for the material line. Initialization will assign the requisition number, update the line to PO and move the material line to the Interfaced tab.

You can use the initialize feature as often as desired. If there is a particular material that you do not want a number initialized for, make sure to leave the information required for initialization blank (i.e., vendor for POs; INCo and IN Location for MOs; MSCo and IN Location for Quotes; and the Send check box unselected for requisitions).