About the PM Material Detail Form

Use this form to create purchase orders, material orders, quotes, and requisitions.

In addition to the main menu, you can access this form from PM Project Phases, PM Pending Change Orders, or PM Approved Change Orders.

The type of material detail records displayed on the Non-Interfaced and Interfaced tabs depend on how you accessed this form.
  • If accessed from the main menu or PM Project Phases, grids display original material detail records (Record Type O-Original)
  • If accessed from PM Pending Change Orders, grids display pending change order material detail (Record Type Pending CO’s)
  • If accessed from PM Approved Change Orders, grids display approved change order material detail (Record Type A-Approved CO’s)

When you access this form from the main menu, you have the option to change the record display from original material detail to either approved or pending change order material detail. This is done by setting the Record Type to A-Approved CO’s or P-Pending CO’s. In which case, additional fields related to approved or pending change orders will display in the grids (e.g. ACO and ACO Item or PCO Type, PCO, and PCO Item). Note that these additional fields do not display if PM Material Detail is accessed from any of the other forms listed above, since the record display will be limited to records related to the calling form.

The ability to set up material orders, quotes, and requisitions using this form depends on whether you have selected the "in use" options for IN, MS, and PO Requisitions (respectively) in PM Company Parameters. If you have not selected the appropriate options, related fields will not display in either the Non-Interfaced or Interfaced grids, nor will the related option be available in the drop-down menu of the Material Type drop-down.

Note: Purchase orders can be set up here regardless of whether the PO in Use box is checked in PM Company Parameters; however, if not checked, purchase orders cannot be interfaced.

There are two methods to set up material detail: manual entry or import from third-party estimating software using PM Data Import. If importing estimate detail, all materials associated with an estimate are automatically set up here. Material costs are pulled from the estimating material files at the time of interface.

Materials can be set up for the same phase/cost type more than once. For example, you may stock a material, but do not have enough to finish the job and therefore need to purchase an additional amount. You would set up the material on a material order for the stocked portion and on a purchase order for the additional needed amount.

Note: If you enter a phase that does not already exist for the project and you have the Auto-add Cost Type from Material option set to2 (With No Estimates) in PM Company Parameters, the phase/cost type will be added to the project detail automatically, but the original estimate will not be updated. If option is set to 1 (No), you must add the phase/cost type to the project in PM Project Phases before it can be entered with material detail.

Interfaced tab

When you interface the project to accounting, all material lines with the Send box checked will be interfaced and moved to the Interfaced tab (with the exception of requisition lines, which are moved to this tab as soon as they are initialized).

Note: If you check the Send box for a material detail line with a Material Type of P-Purchase Order or M-Material Order, you will need to approve the associated purchase order (in PM PO Header) or material order (PM MO Header) before it can be interfaced.

Once a material is moved to the Interfaced tab, it cannot be edited. Interfaced material detail updates the Purchase Order, Inventory, and Material Sales modules.

Note: If you interface a change order to an existing purchase order, then pull up the change order in PO Change Order Entry, mark it for deletion and process the batch, the material detail entry will be moved from the Interfaced tab to the Non-Interfaced tab.

Once you interface material detail, you cannot make changes to the dollar amounts; however, if you need to change original amounts after interfacing, you can create a change order using PM Change Orders.