About the PM Material Orders Form

Use this form to edit header and item detail for material orders created in PM Material Detail.

You can open this form from the PM module Programs folder or by selecting File > PM Material Orders in PM Material Detail.

Note: You will only be able to access this program if you have the IN in Use box in PM Company Parameters checked.

Material order information (header and item) is added automatically to this form when material order numbers are assigned (manually or by initialization) to material detail in PM Material Detail (recommended method). However, you can add material orders manually in this form as necessary.

Non-Interfaced / Interfaced Items

Material detail records entered in PM Material Detail (with a Material Type of M-Material Order) that are assigned a material order/item number are automatically set up as items on this tab. You can also enter new material order items; items entered directly in the grid will update the PM Material Detail file.

Note: Material detail records entered for approved or pending change orders will include their associated change order information (PCO Type and PCO/PCO Item or ACO/ACO Item). However, the change order fields (end of grid) are display only; therefore, if you are manually entering material order items in this grid, you will be unable to associate them with a pending or approved change order. Material order items associated with a change order must be entered via PM Material Detail (Record Type A-Approved CO's or P-Pending CO's).

As you enter material order items, information pertaining to the material and specified phase displays above the grid, including the original phase estimate information and unit cost information for the standard, purchase, and sales units of measure.

When you are ready to interface a material order item, select the Send check box. All items with this flag selected are included when you interface the material order (in PM Interface). Once interfaced, items are moved to the Interfaced Items tab and can only be edited using IN Material Order Entry.