About the PM Material Sales Quotes Form

Use this form to edit header/item detail for quotes created in PM Material Detail.

Note: You will only be able to access this program if you have selected the MS in Use check box in PM Company Parameters.

Although information entered on this form corresponds to information entered in MS Quotes, much of the information entered for MS quotes is not required here. For example, quotes entered here will always be Job quotes; therefore, you will not be required to specify a quote type. You will also not have the ability to set up pricing or discount overrides, haul code defaults, haul zones, pay codes, or haul overrides.

Note: Only one quote can exist per job; therefore, only one record may be set up for a project/MS Company.

Quote information is typically set up via the PM Material Detail form (recommended method); however, you can add quote detail manually in this form as necessary. When a quote is set up here, one material line is added in PM Material Detail (Non-Interfaced tab) for every material entered on the quote.

Quote Header

The Info tab is used to set up the quote header information. In addition to the project, MS Co, quote number, and contact information, you can specify the price template for material pricing, as well as the tax code and haul tax option, if applicable. When you are ready to use the quote, you must select the Active check box.

If you are using the oil price escalation/de-escalation feature (that is, you have set up price indexes in HQ Escalation Index), you can apply price escalators to the job quote by selecting the Apply Price Escalators check box and setting a Bid Index Date. The MS Oil Price Escalation report will track sales of the applicable materials (e.g. asphalt mixes, etc.) to the job in MS Ticket Entry and determine increases/decreases in pricing based on the bid index date specified for the quote and the pricing index (monthly escalation/de-escalation).

Note: If you selected the Apply Price Escalators check box for the job/project (in JC Jobs/PM Projects), the bid index date specified on the quote takes precedence over the job/contract start date. The job/contract start date is only used if no quote exists for the job.

You can use the MS Oil Price Escalation report to review pricing adjustments. For more information about this feature, see About the HQ Escalation Index Form and How the System Uses Pricing Indexes.

Once you enter a quote, the system creates a header recorded in the MS Quote Header table (MSQH). However, quote detail (entered on the Non-Interfaced Detail tab) is only updated after the quote is interfaced.

Non-Interfaced Detail / Interfaced Items

Use the Non-Interfaced Detail tab to enter, modify, or delete quote detail. If you entered quote material lines in PM Material Detail, this grid is automatically populated with the information set up for each material. Additional information about the material is displayed above the tab pages and includes original estimate units, as well as unit cost information for the standard, purchase, and sales units of measure.
Note: All information added, deleted, or modified in this grid automatically updates PM Material Detail. However, quote detail is not updated to the MS Quote Detail table (MSQD) until the quote is interfaced.
Once you interface quote detail (using PM Interface), it is moved to the Interfaced Detail tab and cannot be edited or deleted.