Step 2: Enter PO Summary Information

Follow the steps below to enter PO summary information. This is the second step in the material buyout process and is used to enter information on the PO that was created during step 1, which grouped PO items onto a PO. Before following the steps below, the PO detail information must be entered using PM Material Detail. Click here for more information.

This process only covers completing the required fields and basic setup. When going through these steps, you can move the cursor into any field on the form and press F1 to open field level help and get more detailed information about that field.

  1. Open the PM Purchase Orders form. This form can either be launched from the PM module Programs folder or from the PM Material Detail form by selecting File > PM Purchase Orders.
  2. Complete the Project and Purchase Order fields. These fields will populate with defaults if you opened PM Purchase Orders using PM Material Detail.
  3. Complete the Info tab. The only required entry is the Vendor field. Click in a field and press F1 for more information about a specific field. The PO Status field is disabled and will display pending until the PO is interfaced with the PO module using PM Interface.

    You can monitor compliance using the Compliance Group field and by selecting File > PO Compliance.


    Click here for more information on compliance tracking.

  4. The Shipping Tab will default with the shipping address assigned to the project using PM Projects. If you want the materials sent to a different address, uncheck the Site to Job box and select the location using the Shipping Location field, or just enter the address into the fields.

    Shipping locations are created and maintained using PO Shipping Locations. You can open this form by pressing F5 in the Shipping Location field.

  5. The Address Overrides tab is used to override the payment or purchase address on the vendor using an additional address set up on the vendor. Click in the PO Address Sequence or Payment Address Sequence field and press F1 for more information about this feature.
  6. The Interfaced and Non-Interfaced tabs display all of the items on the PO. The Non-Interfaced tab displays the items that have not been interfaced with the PO module using the PM Interface form.
  7. Review the PO items on the Non-Interfaced tab and make changes if needed. Once the PO items are sent to accounting using PM Interface, you will not be able to edit them.
  8. After you have reviewed the PO items, you can print the PO.