Step 4: Interface the PO

Follow the steps below to interface a purchase order with the accounting modules. This is the last step in the project buyout process and is used to send the subcontract information over to the accounting modules so that the purchase order can be processed in PO and AP.

This process only covers completing the required fields and basic setup. When going through these steps, you can move the cursor into any field on the form and press F1 to open field level help and get more detailed information about that field.

  1. Once the PO is approved and ready to be interfaced with the accounting modules, open it using the PM Purchase Orders form.
  2. Open the Info tab and make sure the Approved box is checked. Only purchase orders with this box checked can be interfaced with the accounting modules using PM Interface.
  3. Open the Non-Interfaced tab and make sure the Send box is checked on each PO item that should be interfaced. Only items with the Send box checked will be sent over to accounting when the PO is interfaced.
  4. Verify the information on the PO items is correct. Once you interface the PO items, you will not be able to edit the information associated with them.
  5. Save the changes and minimize PM Purchase Orders.
  6. Open the PM Interface form and enter the project number into the Project field.
  7. Make sure the Interface box next to the PO is checked.
  8. Enter the month the PO should be posted to the accounting modules in the Month field.
  9. Click the Validate button.
  10. Review and print the audit reports if needed, making sure the correct purchase order items are being interfaced. If information is incorrect, you can still open the PM Purchase Orders form and make changes to the data since it hasn't been interfaced yet.
  11. Click the Interface button when complete.
  12. Click the Close button to close the form.
  13. The PO has now been interfaced and sent over to accounting. You can view the interfaced PO by opening the PM Purchase Orders form and verifying that the PO items have moved from the Non-Interfaced to the Interfaced tab. You can also open the Info tab and make sure that the PO Status has changed from Pending to Open.