Contract Security Groups

If you are implementing data level security at the contract level, you have the option to assign security groups to each contract you set up in this program.

This can be very useful if you regularly set up new contracts, as it allows you to easily designate who will have access to the job without having to go to VA Data Security and set it up.

To implement this feature, in VA Data Security Setup, you must have:

  • checked the Secure Datatype option for the 'bContract' datatype.

  • designated a Default Security Group.

  • check the In Use flag for the JCCM (JC Contracts) table, as well as for any other tables to which you want contract level security assigned.

  • regenerated views to activate data level security for the specified views/tables.

This enables the Security Grp input on this form, allowing you to designate the security group who will have access to information about this contract.

Note: It is important to note that in addition to the security group specified on this form, access to information about this project is automatically granted to the Default Security Group you specified in VA Data Security Setup. In addition, access may be granted to additional groups in VA Data Security Access.