About the PM Copy Project Budgets Form

Use this form to copy a budget from one project to another. This is especially useful when project budgets are similar and need only minor adjustments to budget details.

Access this form by selecting the Project Budget Copy option from the File menu of PM Project Budgets. In order to use this feature, the destination project (to which you are copying the project budget) must be the active project.

To copy a project budget, specify the source project and budget. Next, specify the new destination budget (destination project will be the active project and cannot be changed) and enter a budget description. If you leave the description blank, it will default as blank in PM Project Budges (description is not copied from the source budget). Then click Copy to initiate the copy process. The budget detail (including amounts) is copied from the existing project budget to the destination project budget. Detail may be edited as necessary in PM Project Budgets.


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