Copy Project Firms/Contacts to Another Project

You can copy the firms and contact defined for one project to another project..

To copy project firms and contacts to another project:
  1. From the Vista main menu, select Project Management > Programs > PM Project Firms.
  2. In the Projects field, enter the project to which you are copying firm contacts or press F4 to select it from a list.
  3. Select File > Project Firms Copy.
    The PM Project Firms Copy form displays.
  4. In the Source Project field, enter the project from which to copy firms and contacts.
    The Source Project Firms grid populates with firms and contacts associated with the source firm; however, only firms and contacts not already set up for the destination project are displayed.
  5. From the grid, select the firms/contacts to copy. Use SHIFT to select consecutive records or CTRL to select specific ones.
  6. Click Copy.
The selected firms and contacts are copied to the destination project. A message displays indicating the number of firms and contacts added to the project.