Interface the Project to Job Cost

You must interface a project to Job Cost to update its status from pending to active, and to update Job Cost with the job information and original estimates

This is the last step in the Project Setup process.

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Interfacing a project changes the project status from pending to active, updates the Job Cost module with the job information and original estimates defined on the project phases, and allows accounting to begin processing transactions on the project.

Follow the steps below to interface the project.

  1. Open the PM Interface form .
  2. Enter the project number into the Project field or press F4 to select it from a list.
  3. Make sure that the Interface box is checked next to each item that you would like to interface.
  4. Enter the month and year the data should be posted to the Job Cost module in the Month field.
  5. Click the Validate button. This checks the data for any errors.
  6. Once the data is validated, print or preview the audit reports to verify that all information and amounts being interfaced are correct.
  7. Click the Interface button after you have reviewed the data to interface the project and contract.
  8. A message will appear when the data has been interfaced.
  9. Click the Close button to exit PM Interface.
  10. Open the Info tab on the PM Projects form and verify that the Job Status of the interfaced project has changed from Pending to Open.