PM Copy Project Form

Use this form to use an existing project to create a new one. This can save you time if you need to create a new project and a similar one already exists.

Once you specify a source project from the active company, you must then enter information about the destination project and contract. Initially, the contract and its description will default from the new project and description; however, you can enter any contract number and description desired. You also have the option to assign an existing contract to the job, as long as the contract is open or pending.
Note: If you are using data level security for jobs and/or contracts, the destination job and contract will inherit the security groups assigned to the source project and contract. You may override these assignments in the related programs. See Related Topics below for information about Security Groups at the project and/or contract level.

Once the copy process is complete, a message displays telling you the job was successfully copied. If an error occurred during the copy process, a message displays with information about the error. A second message is then displayed informing you that the copy was not completed.

Data Groups

The ‘Groups’ section is an informational display showing the vendor, customer, tax, phase, and material groups for the source and destination companies.

If the source and destination companies differ, chances are the data groups will also differ. This can create problems when copying data that relies on the specific data groups for valid information. For example, if the phase groups differ, then phases being copied from the source project may not exist in the destination company. For this reason, the system does not specific tables and the data within those tables when certain data groups differ. The following describes what information is not copied when the source and destination data groups differ:


Data Not Copied


Vendor, firm, firm contact, or project firms


Affects only the customer assigned to destination contract. If you do not specify a customer for the new contract, and the customer assigned to the existing contract does not exist in destination company, the customer will not be copied to the new contract.


All data in tax-related fields


Phase and cost type information, which includes project markups, job phases, cost type headers, subcontract detail, material detail and change order detail.


Material code - only applies when copying material detail. Material detail records are copied without their associated material codes.

Note: If the PR companies differ between the source and destination PM companies, PR-related data in the project master table is not copied.

Information to Copy

The Copy Amounts section allows you to specify whether to copy all amounts (original and current estimates) or to copy the original estimates only. You can also specify to not copy any of the amounts to the new project.

The Additional Information to Copy section provides options for copying project-related detail, such as subcontract detail, material detail, project firms, and change order detail. If data groups differ between source and destination companies, some of these options will be grayed out.

Once you specify what data to copy and select Copy, the system copies information from the source project (in PM Projects) to the new project, and sets up the new contract in PM Contracts. User-defined memos existing for the source contract/contract items, project, project phases and/or cost type detail are also be copied to the new project. Remaining information as specified in the Additional Information to Copy section is also copied.
  • If phases are locked for the source project, they will also be locked for the destination project.
  • With the exception of the PR State Code, the payroll information defined for the source project (PR Info tab in PM Projects) will not be copied to the new project. You must set that information up manually.
  • If you do not select to copy contract item retainage, the new contract items will default the retainage percent defined for the contract during the copy process.