PM Notes Review

Use the PM Notes Review form to review all project notes assigned to a reviewer.

Although the grid will automatically display all project notes assigned to the reviewer, you can use the Filter bar feature to filter the records in the grid to meet your current needs. For example, if you wish to see only those project notes for a specific project, you would activate the filter bar (by clicking the Grid button in the toolbar and selecting the Filter Bar option), and then enter the project number in the Project column of the filter bar. If you only want to see those notes that you have not yet reviewed, you would enter ‘New’ in the Review Status column of the filter bar.


You can only restrict on enabled columns. Columns that are disabled in the grid are also disabled in the filter bar.

Once the grid is populated as desired, you can then review existing notes, enter any additional notes or comments, and set the review status as applicable.


PM Project Notes