PM Notes Review Management

Use the PM Notes Review Management form to manage project notes reviews. Using the filter criteria, you can restrict the records displayed based on project, review status, added and/or status dates, and/or reviewer. For example, you can filter records by review status to see all project notes that have not been reviewed.

Once you enter/select the filter criteria, click the Search button to display all project notes reviews that meet the specified criteria. Information provided includes the project, assigned reviewer, review status, added and review status dates, summary, project notes, the associated firm/contact, and issue, if applicable. You can review project notes and, if applicable, change the review status. You cannot, however, add or edit project notes.


If you change the status of a project note from Reviewed to New, the system automatically sends an email to the reviewer informing them that they have project notes to review.

Email Reviewer

The Email Reviewer button allows you to email project notes reviewers manually. When clicked, the Outlook email form is displayed, defaulting information based on the currently selected line. You can edit/add information as necessary and send the email as normal.


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