Field Definitions: PM Notes Review Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the PM Notes Review form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


Specify the reviewer whose notes you wish to review. All project notes assigned to the specified reviewer are displayed in the grid below.


Display only - each project for which a project note has been assigned to this reviewer.

Note Sequence

Display only - the sequence number assigned to the project note in PM Notes .

Review Status

This field indicates the current review status of this project note. You may change the review status as necessary.

  • New – This project note entry has not been reviewed and/or signed off by this reviewer.

  • Reviewed – This project note entry has been reviewed and signed off on by this reviewer.


Double-click in this field to review/add notes for this project note entry. (Notes can only be reviewed or entered via the Time Stamp Notes window, which opens automatically by double-clicking or typing in this column.)

The Time Stamp Notes window is divided into two sections. The upper section is display only, and shows all notes entered for the project notes entry. Each note is date-stamped and includes the login name of the person who entered the notes. Existing notes cannot be edited or deleted.

The lower section is used to add new notes. Once you have entered your note text, click the Add button. This will add the note, along with the date and login name, to the upper section of screen.

Add Standard Notes

To add standard notes (set up in HQ Standard Note), place focus in the lower pane and select the Standard Notes option from the toolbar or shortcut menu. From the Std Note Copy window, enter the standard note to copy and click OK to insert the note. Click Add to add the note to the upper pane.

Spelling Check

You can run a spell check for any notes entered in this window; however, the spell check must be run before you add the notes to the upper pane. To run the spell check, click the Spelling button in the toolbar () .


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