PM Phase Cost Type Settings Form

Use this form to quickly set the cost type flags (Bill, Item, Phase, Buy Out, and Active) for phases/cost types on a project.

When a project is created, the contract assigned to the job defaults automatically, along with the first contract item and its assigned phases and cost types. Changing the contract item will repopulate the grid with the phases/cost types assigned to that item.

You can filter the phases/cost types shown for a contract item using the grid filter feature (accessed by selecting the Filter Bar option from the View menu, the shortcut menu, or the Grid button on the toolbar).

For example, if you enter ‘03110’ in the Phase column of the filter bar, only phases beginning with ‘03110’ will be displayed (e.g. 03110-, 03110-100, 03110-200, etc.). If you then enter ‘1’ in the Cost Type column, only phases beginning with ‘03110’ and having a cost type of ‘1’ assigned will display in the grid.

Once you have populated the grid as desired, set the flags as needed for each phase/cost type. When you save your changes, the flag settings will be updated to JCCH (JC Cost Header).