Set up Phases for the Project

You must set up phases for each project in order to define the cost estimates for the project.

This is the third step in the Project Setup process.

Job and cost type estimates are created when the phases are set up on the project. These estimates can either be imported or manually entered directly into the application. Follow the steps below to manually add phases and cost types to a project.

This process only covers completing the required fields and basic setup. When going through these steps, you can move the cursor into any field on the form and press F1 to open field level help and get more detailed information about that field.

  1. Open the PM Projects form and open the Phases tab.
  2. You can either enter the phase information directly into the grid or you can double click in the grid to open the PM Project Phases form.
  3. Phase codes are created and maintained using the JC Phases form and they help you break down job costs because all estimated and actual costs will be processed and tracked by phase code. Enter the phase code of the phase you would like to add to the project in the Phase field or press F4 to select a phase code from a list.
    Note: You can add multiple phases to the project using the PM Copy Project Phases form.
  4. The Description and Contract Item fields will populate once a phase code is selected. You can change these values if they do not apply.
  5. Open the Cost Type tab and click the Initialize Cost Types button. This will automatically add a cost type record for each cost type defined on the phase in the JC Phases form. A message will appear displaying the number of cost types added to the phase.
  6. Enter the estimates onto each cost type. If a cost type does not apply to the project, highlight the cost type and click the Delete icon.
  7. The Subcontract Detail button is used to enter subcontract detail and the Material Detail button is used to assign PM material detail.
  8. Once you have entered estimates on the cost types associated with each phase, you are ready to interface the project with the Job Cost module. Click here for more information.