About Interfaces to Accounting

Once you have entered all the appropriate project detail and made any necessary modifications to the estimate, use PM Interface to update the accounting system for further processing.


All modifications made to a project after it has been interfaced to accounting must be made through the entry of approved change orders in order for the changes to be updated to accounting.

The following accounting modules are updated with data from Project Management:

  • Inventory (IN) – Material orders

  • Job Cost (JC) – Jobs, original estimates, committed costs, contracts, and change orders

  • Material Sales (MS) – Material quotes

  • Purchase Order (PO) – Purchase orders and change orders

  • Subcontract Ledger (SL) – Subcontracts and change orders

The following table illustrates which accounting tables are affected by the interface from Project Management to Accounting. Tables shown in blue are shared tables (PM/JC):

PM Files






Project Master

Job Master (JCJM)

Phase/Cost Type Detail

Cost by Period (JCCP)

Cost Header (JCCH)

Cost Detail (JCCD)

ACO Items (JCOD)

Phase Header

Job Phases (JCJP)

Contract Master

Contract Master (JCCM)

Contract Items

Contract Items (JCCI)

Contract Item by Period (JCIP)
 Contract Item Detail

Material Detail

Cost by Period (JCCP)

PO Header (POHD)

PO Items (POIT)

Change Order Detail

Material Order Header

Material Order Item

IN Materials (INMT)

MS Quote Header

MS Quote Detail

Subcontract Detail

Cost by Period (JCCP)

SL Header (SLHD)

SL Items (SLIT)

Change Order Detail

ACO Header

Change Order Header

ACO Items

Contract Items (JCCI)

Change Order Items

Shared Tables

PM Interface