Field Definitions: PM Interface Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the PM Interface form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


Enter the project to interface or press F4 to select it from a list.

Click here for a brief overview about how interfacing will effect the project.

If you enter a closed project and you do not allow posting to hard- or soft-closed jobs , you will receive a message indicating that the project is closed and you will not be able to proceed until you select a different project.


You can set up whether users can post to hard and soft closed jobs by checking the Allow Posting to Soft-Closed Jobs and Allow Posting to Hard-Closed Jobs checkboxes on the Info tab of JC Company Parameters .

PM Interface

Item Type

Use this field to filter the items that display in the grid by item type. For example, select Purchase Order Change Orders if you would like only PO change orders to display in the grid.


This field only controls what items display in the grid. It does not control which items are going to be interfaced.



PM Interface

INCo - Inventory module Company

This field only applies to Material Orders.

Enter the Inventory module company that you are using to interfacing the material orders or press F4 to select it from a list. If you have multiple Inventory companies, you must interface the material orders with each IN company separately.




PM Interface


Use this field to filter the items that display in the grid by a keyword. The filter will apply to all of the columns in the grid.

For example if you want to interface a specific subcontract that contains the word "Electrical" in the description, enter "Electrical" in this field. Only items that contain "Electrical" in a column in the grid will display.

Tip: This field also applies to the Amount column. For example, you can enter 1000.00 and all items with an amount of $1000.00 will display.

PM Interface


Enter the month that the selected items should be posted to accounting. This field defaults to the current month.

This field is disabled once you select the items to interface and click the Validate button. You can also click the Clear button to enable the field again.

PM Interface

Audit Reports

Click the Validation button on PM Interface to generate the audit reports, and a check will display next to each audit report that was generated. If a report is disabled, the report does not apply to the information being interfaced.

Click the Preview button to preview the audit reports or click the Print button to print them.

Important: You should print or preview the audit reports before you click the Interface button because they are not available after the information has been interfaced.
  • Job Cost – Check this box to print the PM JC Distribution List or PM Estimate Change Order Distribution list if you are interfacing approved change orders.

  • Contracts – Check this box to print the PM Contract Change Order Distribution list.
  • Purchase Orders – Check this box to print the PO Change Orders Audit List.
  • Subcontracts – Check this box to print the SL Change Orders Audit List.
  • Material Orders – Check this box to print the IN Material Order Entry Posting Audit List.
  • Material Sales Quotes – Check this box to print the PM to MS Quote Audit List.
  • Error List - Check this box to print the PM Batch Control Error List. This report lists the sequence number and the error message of any entries that generated an error during the validation process.

PM Interface