Add a New PM Firm Contact

You can add a new firm contact on the fly when using the Create and Send feature and the contact you want included in the email is not already set up in PM Firm Contacts.

  1. Open the PM Send Documents by clicking on the Create and Send () icon and selecting any of the options from the menu that displays.
    Note: The Create and Send feature is available from the PM Work Center and most forms in PM.
  2. Select the Message tab.
  3. Click in the To , Cc , or Bcc fields. This will open the PM Send Distribution form.
    The PM Add Firm Contact form displays.
  4. Complete all of the fields in the form.
    1. Enter the email address of the contact in the Email field.
    2. Press F4 in the Firm Number field and select the contact's firm from the list. If the contact's firm has not already been entered into the PM module. press F5 in this field to open the PM Firms form, which can be used to create new PM module firms.
    3. The Contact Code field will automatically populate with the next available contact number on the selected PM module firm. This number is only used to identify each unique contact on a firm.
    4. Enter the contact's Last Name and First Name .
    5. The Sort Name field will populate based on the contact's first and last name, and the value in this field will truncate to 15 characters. Once the contact has been created, you can use the sort name to locate a specific contact.
  5. Click OK .
The new contact is created in PM Firm Contacts and added to the current communication.
Complete entry of the contact's information, as needed, in PM Firm Contacts.