Set up Firms Using AP Vendors

Create firms from AP Vendors using the PM Vendor Range Form.

  1. From the PM Firms form, select File > Initialize Vendor Firms.
    The PM Vendor Range form opens. The company from which you are copying vendors displays at the top of the form.
  2. Use the Beginning Customer and Ending Customer fields to select a range of vendors from which to create PM firms. Leave blank to select all vendors.
    Note: The system searches through this range of AP vendor numbers and adds only those vendors that are not already set up in the PM module.
  3. If you want to apply a specific firm type to all firms being created, use the Default Firm Type field to enter the firm type. Leave blank if you want to assign firm types manually in PM Firms.
  4. Click Initialize.
    The system will set up each vendor as a firm with a firm number that is identical to the vendor number. If a vendor number already exists in PM, that vendor is skipped and must be set up manually.
  5. In PM Firms, review the newly created firms and make any necessary changes.