Step 2: Enter Subcontract Summary Information

Follow the steps below to enter subcontract summary information. This is the second step in the subcontract buyout process and is used to enter information on the subcontract that was created during step 1, which grouped subcontract items onto a subcontract. Before following the steps below, the subcontract detail information must be entered using PM Subcontract Detail.

This process only covers completing the required fields and basic setup. When going through these steps, you can move the cursor into any field on the form and press F1 to open field level help and get more detailed information about that field.

  1. Open PM Subcontracts. This form can either be launched from the PM module Programs folder or from the PM Subcontract Detail form by selecting File > PM SL Header Form.
  2. Complete the Project and Subcontract fields.

    A subcontract will not show up in PM Subcontracts until an SL subcontract item number is assigned using the SL field on the PM Subcontract Detail form.

  3. Complete the fields on the Info tab. The only required field is the Vendor field. Click in a field and press F1 for more information about a specific field.

    You can monitor compliance using the Compliance Group field and by selecting File > SL Compliance.


    Click here for more information on compliance tracking.

  4. Use the Send To Information tab to define who should receive the subcontract. The contact in the Send to Contact field is the contact at the firm that will receive the subcontract.

    You can also use the Responsible Person field to track who at your firm is responsible for the subcontract.

  5. Review the subcontract items on Non-Interfaced tab and make changes if needed. Once the subcontract items are sent to accounting using the PM Interface form, you will not be able to edit them and they will appear on the Interfaced tab.
  6. After you have reviewed the subcontract items, you are ready to generate and send the subcontract document.


    Overview of Subcontract Buyout Process

    Step 1: Enter Subcontract Detail Information

    Step 3: Generate the Subcontract Document

    Step 4: Interface the Subcontract

    PM Subcontract Detail