Step 3: Generate the Subcontract Document

Follow the steps below to generate the subcontract document using the legacy version of the Create and Send feature. This is the third step in the subcontract buyout process. Before following the steps below, the subcontract detail and summary information must already be entered using PM Subcontract Detail and PM Subcontracts.

If you have not completed those steps, click here for an overview of the subcontract buyout process.

This process only covers completing the required fields and basic setup. When going through these steps, you can move the cursor into any field on the form and press F1 to open field level help and get more detailed information about that field.

  1. Open a subcontract in PM Subcontracts.
  2. Open the Send to Information tab and enter the contact that should receive the subcontract in the Send to Contact field.
  3. Click the drop down next to the Create and Send icon and choose Select a Template. This will open the PM Select Document Template form.
  4. Using PM Select Document Template, select the document template that should be used to generate the subcontract. Click OKwhen complete.
    Note: Document templates are created and maintained using the PM Create & Send Templates form . Only document templates assigned the subcontract template type using the Template Typefield can be used to generate subcontracts.
  5. Once the document it generated, PM Create and Send Document will open. View and edit the generated subcontract by clicking the View Document button.

    Click here for more information on editing a document generated using the Create and Send feature.

  6. Add attachments to the subcontract using the SL Attachments tab if needed.
  7. Print or email the subcontract.
    • If there is an email address associated with the contact entered in the Send to Contact field back on PM Subcontracts, that email address will populate in the To field on PM Create and Send Document. Click the Send button to email the subcontract to the selected contact.

  8. You will receive a signed subcontract document and it is approved.

    Overview of the Project Buyout Process

    Step 1: Enter Subcontract Detail Information

    Step 2: Enter Subcontract Summary Information

    Step 4: Interface the Subcontract

    PM Create and Send